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TTM Products
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RF & Microwave PCBs

TTM applications based approach provides innovative engineering and advanced process capabilities.

From defense/aerospace electronics, medical devices and imaging, or complex telecommunications equipment, TTM supports a wide range of frequency bands (L, S, C, X, Ku, K, Ka, V, W). We have extensive experience with a wide range of low loss laminates and a total of over 70 resin systems.

Our Field Applications Engineering team provides a long history of collaborative engineering support. Qualifications include MIL-PRF-31032, AS 9100, ITAR, IPC 6012 & IPC6018, NADCAP.

Our Capabilities Include:

Tight Etch Tolerances on Critical RF Features

  • +/- .0005" standard tolerance on etched features for unplated 0.5oz copper
  • Selective plated up layers allowing +/- .0005" etch tolerances
  • Exact registration/laser direct imaging
  • Front to back registration of etched cores to +/-.001"
  • Mixed Dielectric constructions
  • Buried / Blind / Microvia
  • Ormet interconnects
  • Multilevel cavity constructions
  • Optical mill / drill
  • Laser routing
  • Sequential lamination
  • Formed PCB'S
  • Plated edges

Back Drill for Precision Stub Removal

  • Mechanical back-drilling (Minimal stub)
  • Laser drilling (No stub)
  • Laser modified controlled depth drill (Mechanical drill followed by laser cleanup, no stub)

Hole Fill

  • Conductive, nonconductive, and partial hole fill options

Thermal Solutions

  • Copper coins and slugs
  • Metal Core & Metal Back
  • Thermally conductive laminates
  • Heatsink assembly department to laminate heatsink or interface plates to the circuit boards

Embedded Capabilities

  • Planar Resistors
    • Ohmega and Ticer
    • Screened Ink Resistors
  • Circulators
    • On board circuit
    • Embedded ferrites

Surface Finishes

  • ENIG – electroless nickel, soft immersion gold – standard solder assemblies
  • ENEPIG - electroless nickel, electroless palladium, immersion gold
  • Hard and soft wirebondable gold
  • Immersion silver

Assembly and Test

  • RF assembly of connector, surface mount component, drop-in cavity components, hand and automated solder assembly options
  • RF test center including 6 Network analyzers with combined frequency sweep coverage of 50MHz to 40GHz.
  • Custom anechoic boxes for antenna measurements
  • Switch matrix capability for multiple measurements between human interaction