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The Premier Supplier to the Automotive Electronic Industry

In the automotive sector, TTM is the strategic supplier of advanced-technology, medium- to high-volume, high reliability printed circuit boards (PCBs) to automotive electronics manufacturers. We support the full range of our automotive customers' PCB needs - from regional prototypes and QTAs to high-volume production and from standard products to the most advanced technologies. Our PCBs are used in a broad variety of applications, ranging from safety critical components as airbags, braking, steering and collision avoidance or radar systems to engine control Units and infotainment systems. TTM especially supports ADAS, radar and stereo camera systems as well as e-mobility and electrical powertrain systems with high current, high voltage and high thermal load applications.

Examples of key TTM PCB technologies for automotive applications are:

  • High Reliability Applications
  • Heavy-copper products up to 12 oz. (400 μm)
  • Heatsinks (aluminum & copper) and thermal management solutions (TMS)
  • RF/high-performance materials / Radar Applications / ADAS
  • High volume HDI capability and capacity for advanced automotive applications
  • Controlled Impedance Applications
  • Rigid-Flex and Semi-Flex

Our portfolio also includes electro-mechanical solutions (E-MS), such as niche assembly/PCBA and heatsink assembly applications.

The importance of quality and reliability cannot be over emphasized. Industry-leading quality performance and strict adherence to process control is strictly monitored within our manufacturing facilities in China and North America.